我最喜欢的节日my favorite festival_700字

本站原创 2019-01-07 15:25:33

  Spring Festival is my favorite among all the Chinese traditional festival. The first reason why I love it the most is because I can get lucky money on that festival. It is the Chinese custom that the old will give children lucky money on Spring Festival to wish a good luck for the young generation. Moreover, people everywhere on those days are full of happiness. Quarrel, fight and abuse are almost disappeared at that time. Meanwhile, my mother will make a big meal for us to celebrate. Everyone will forget the unhappy thing they meet, i[复习必备 | 海量免费学习视频资源尽在“学而思轻课APP”>>>点击了解]nstead remembering to appreciate life to wish a better future. That is my favorite festival.


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