高一英语作文:Cultural tourism_750字

网络资源 2019-08-12 14:41:53

  With the development of living standards, going out to have a tourism is becoming a part of our life. But at the same time, uncivilized behaviors in tourism are frequently happening. So cultural tourism has became a hot topic in the society.

  Especially in vacations, phenomena of uncivilized behavior in parks or museums everywhere. Even in foreign countries, our Chinese citizens still do naturally, it seriously affected our country’s image. Of course, it has caused bad loss in ancient buildings and antiquities and our environments. So it’s urgent to advocate to have a cultural tourism.

  Firstly, we should keep in mind the sense of protecting the environment. And when we have a tourism, we had better watch out the warning words carefully and then obey the rules. For the sake of ourselves and our country, let’s do some meaningful things for cultural tourism.



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